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Pansy, I don't know where you are... still at your father's? Your… - Owlery [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 1st, 2004|02:51 pm]



Pansy, I don't know where you are... still at your father's? Your last entry didn't sound good - are you still getting sick? Please please tell me that you are alive and well.
I miss you... so much.
If someone hurts you I will come and take you home. I do not want to kill, but I know how I can. We have done it before. And will do anything to protect you. If you want me to.

If your home is still with me, I will fight for us.

[User Picture]From: cw_pansy
2004-08-01 11:04 am (UTC)

Owl returned and warded

Ron, I'm doing this because I want to hide. At least for a little while. Not from you, but from the rest of the world. I don't think Potter's going to win the war, and I think that maybe we should be on the other side because of that. Because even if we were with the Dark and they lost, you know the Light would do nothing to us. Nothing at all. And that's why I'm here. That's why I'm doing what my father tells me. Because in the end, it's the only thing I know how to do.

I don't know how to love anybody properly but if I ever did, it would be you. You know that. Maybe you should consider letting me protect you.

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[User Picture]From: cw_ronweasley
2004-08-01 12:16 pm (UTC)

Re: Owl returned and warded

If that is the only way, so be it - Pansy, I don't know how else to love but the way I do. If I lost you I might as well go back into the Otherworld. This world holds no joy for me without you in it...and I - would go where you are; Light or Dark, Day or Night, World or Otherworld. I am still me. I will always be, no matter where I was. Please just don't leave me in the Dark.
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